The White Tiger is a screen adaptation of Aravind Adiga’s novel by the same name. It is a tale of a lower caste Indian boy from a working-class family and his meteoric rise to become an entrepreneur following his shrewd ways.

Adarsh Gourav, who plays the protagonist in the movie, justified the character of Balram by making him sound authentic to the audience. His character not only added to the beauty of the film, but it was also a delight to watch. 

With his ground-breaking performance, the actor successfully landed a nomination for the Leading actor category in the 2021 BAFTAs.

However, in an interview with Firstpost, the actor mentioned he had to work his fingers to the bones to make the character of Balram look effortless.

On Being Balram

In his January 20, 2021 interview, when the actor was asked about the process of finding and creating Balram, he explained that he made attempts to learn and understand his character's psyche.

To better understand Balram’s family life, Gourav lived in a village in Jharkhand for two weeks. He even got a job in a small puri stall in Saket, New Delhi, wherein he cleaned plates, swept the floors, and worked about twelve hours a day to earn a minimum pay of Rs.100 (about $1.3) to understand his character’s professional frustration.

To learn Balram’s ways, the actor went as far as dressing like him, roaming in the streets of Delhi, and initiating random conversations with strangers.

About His Nomination

Talking about his BAFTA nomination, the actor told PTI that it was a surreal feeling. The actor, who was in the gym, was shaken to the core when he discovered the news of his nomination. He said:

This is unbelievable. It is surreal... I was at the gym. I just found out about the nomination.

On March 9, 2021, the actor took to his Instagram to announce his nomination for the BAFTA awards’ Leading actor category. In the caption, the actor expressed his disbelief while congratulating the team of The White Tiger for obtaining two BAFTA nominations for the ‘Best Screenplay’ and ‘Leading Actor’ categories. 

Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude towards the director Ramin Bahrani for the trust he had bestowed. 

Following the BAFTA nomination, the actor recently, on a March 16, 2021, tweet, announced that the movie, The White Tiger, had officially been nominated for the OSCARS in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. 

His Twitter Bio Explained

“Mostly an actor, occasionally a crow… Currently, the White Tiger” that’s what Gourav's Twitter bio reads. 

Adarsh Gourav's Twitter Bio

Adarsh Gourav's Twitter Bio (Source: Twitter)

The actor unraveled the story behind his bio in an interview with FilmcompanionDuring his stay in Amboli, Mumbai, Gourav would usually sit by his window drinking his coffee while looking at a tree filled with crows.

However weird it may sound, the actor revealed that he interacted with the crows every morning. The actor's secret came out when he was caught in action by a friend.