Former NFL athlete Jordan Cameron suffered four concussions throughout his time on the field. Due to which, he was likely to get serious health issues in case of any more injuries.

Despite the concussions, physicians gave Cameron the green light to keep playing. But, he decided to cut his career short, considering the health risks and the fact that his prime as an athlete was behind him.

However, this bold decision did not come cheap to the player as his net worth suffered heavily.

Net Worth Touched Milion Mark In 2015

In 2015, a celebrity net worth site, The Richest, estimated Cameron's net worth to be seven million dollars. His salary clocked at a million dollars with a million and a half reserves as a roster bonus. At the time, he was playing for the Miami Dolphins for a fifteen million dollar contract.

The same year, he also received a signing bonus of four million dollars since he was to receive one million four hundred thousand dollars in salaries from his previous team, Cleveland Browns.

In 2016, the NFL star agreed on a restructured deal with the Miami Dolphins; he settled for half a million dollars less than the original contract.

Sadly, the contract was rated as the third-worst deal in NFL by the Pro Football Focus because he had to take a pay cut that saved him from getting released for his poor performance.

Jordan Cameron In Concussion Protocol

Jordan got into the NFL in 2011. And, just a year after, he experienced his first concussion. Then the second followed when he played against the Bears in 2013.

Afterward, he became a victim of a third severe concussion in a game against Pittsburg in 2014, which alone caused him to miss five games.

The final piece in the story came in September of 2016. The Miami Dolphins were against the Cleveland Browns, and Cameron tried to make a tackle after an interception. But, things didn't go as planned, and Cameron suffered one of the severe concussions - his fourth - of his career.

Cameron's doctors cleared him to go back to the field even after the incident. However, the injury got inside his head, both literally and figuratively. So, Cameron hung his jersey in 2017 as the looming threat of another harm started clouding his judgment.

He even confessed in a 2017 interview with ESPN, "You can't play football like that."

Cameron Prioritized Health Though Net Worth Hampered

In a 2020 article, CNN disclosed an alarming number of severe neurological and mental disorders associated with concussions suffered by the NFL athletes. The cognitive issues included dementia, Alzheimer's, depression, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. 

Although Cameron displayed no signs of the ailments mentioned in the article during his football career, he already knew that his profession brought huge risks.

So, prioritizing his health, he retired at the age of 29. He even admitted to ESPN in an interview in March 2017 that he had already gained what he could from the game, and the game was unworthy of the associated risk.

"Do I want to risk even the slightest chance of having a mental disorder or depression, all these things, for a game that has already given me what I wanted to get out of it? The answer is no."

Soon after his early retirement, his net worth took a dip. The NFL star lost a significant part of his income. However, he had done well enough in the NFL that he can afford to take the time to find something worthwhile.