The interracial star Alex Landi was the first openly gay character of Asian descent to be introduced in the hit show Grey's Anatomy. In many of his interviews, the handsome actor revealed that he wishes to break the stereotypes attached to ethnicity and sexuality with his role.

Challenging The Stereotypes

In his recent interview with Attitude in January 2019, the actor confessed that with his role as Dr. Nico Kim, he intends to challenge the existing Asian and LGBT+ TV stereotypes.

When he asked about his casting, the actor revealed that his producers had explained that they were looking for a masculine 'bro' type openly gay man. 

Landi went on to add that he took up this opportunity as one that would help him create a representation of masculine Asian and gay men. 


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In another interview with Daman, the actor expressed how he felt honored to represent and be the voice for Asian and LGBT+ communities, who are a minority in the industry.

The actor extended his gratitude by mentioning that Grey's Anatomy combined both of the minority groups into one role and laid it out for him to make his own, which felt like a huge honor. 

Landi explains;

It is an incredible honor to give Asians and the LGBTQ community a voice in this industry. Less than three percent of Asians and less than one percent of LGBTQ people are represented in TV and film, so I think it's great that "Grey's Anatomy" combined both of these demographics into one role. It's truly an honor, and I just hope I'm doing a good job.


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I want to do the best job I can…

When the show aired Landi's first on-screen kiss with his gay co-star, Jake Borelli, who came out about his sexuality back in 2018, fans questioned Landi's sexuality.

However, in an interview with Hype, the grey's anatomy star mentioned that he is merely an actor dedicated to doing his best job for any role, regardless of his sexuality or the character's. 

Further along in the interview, the actor added that casting decisions should be about who can portray the role perfectly rather than a question of ethnicity or sexuality. He further adds that no role should be pre-defined by unchangeable factors like; ethnicity and sexual orientation, as this leads to not everyone having equal opportunities. Landi said; 

"It comes down to the role breakdown, it just falls into whoever can do it the best and what the producer likes... There are discussions about transgender actors playing transgender roles...and Asian actors speaking up about whitewashing simply because not all actors have equal opportunities... When roles stop being pre-defined by ethnicity and sexual orientation, that is when these discussions will no longer be at the forefront of casting decisions."