If there is one bond that no one can break, it’s probably the bond of a father and son. The living proof of that is American singer Adam Calhoun and his son, Tamen Calhoun.

What’s more adorable in their relationship is the mutual respect between the father-son duo. Moreover, the father even credited his son for the things he has achieved and changed his life.

Adam’s Life Changed for Better, All Thanks to His Son

When Tamen was just one year old, Adam separated from his partner Brandy. Life wasn't as good as it is now. The country singer even had to serve prison time after having a heated argument with an on-duty police officer and punching him. After he was released from prison, he began to live in his mother’s house and worked to give his son a better life.

When his son was ten years old, Tamen’s mother couldn't keep him and asked Adam to take their son with him. The singer immediately went to Brandy’s home, packed Tamen’s clothes and other stuff in a garbage bag, and took him along.

Sadly, after a short span of time, the company for which Adam worked dissolved. He lost his car, home, and license. Following that incident, the father and son duo moved to Adam’s brother, Danny’s house, and started living in his basement.

The dire situation that they were living in made Adam reconsider his life and make it better for his son. He promised himself to do his best to give his son a life worth living, so he got back on his feet and worked day and night to give his son a roof of their own.

Since that day, the singer has never looked back and has continued to pave a path towards success—from not having a wife and house to raising a son fulfilling all his needs. But, despite his new-found success, he hasn’t forgotten to credit his success to his only son, Tamen.

On August 21, 2017, Adam uploaded a video titled ‘My Life’ on his self-titled YouTube channel, where he expressed his love for his son. He confessed that without his son, he would have been in a gutter somewhere. In addition to that, he also stated that his son changed his life.

Tamen Regards His Father as His Role Model

Tamen (b. April 13, 2000) is currently serving in the U.S. Army. Although he has found a way to make a life for himself, he never forgets what his father had done for him. Also, he continually showcases his love for his father through his Instagram handle.

For instance, on March 31, 2019, he uploaded a picture with his father and captioned the photo by stating that he would like to be like his father.

Likewise, through another photo posted on June 17, 2019, he stated that he and his father have been through some tough times but have always stuck together and passed that phase to reach where they are today.

Furthermore, on Father’s Day, the army boy posted a lovely picture with Adam and wrote a heart-touching caption. Through the caption, Tamen revealed how fantastic his father is and how much Adam has impacted his life. Moreover, he also stated that his father had taught him about what life is, and he can’t thank his father enough for all his love and support.