When the first season of Lucifer was released on the Fox network on January 25th, 2016, people didn’t have much idea of what the new show was going to offer. 

From then until season 3, the urban-fantasy show's international viewership was sparse. But after the show got snubbed by FOX and Lucifans assisted on its revival on Netflix, the show has been an international sensation.

Hence, here we present some humorous Lucifer memes that the popular show deserves.

1. When Quarantine brings out Self-frustrations


(Photo Source: the_beauty_of_fantasyyy/Instagram)

2. When You don't know What You should Prioritize More! 


(Photo Source: Lucifer Netflix_Br/Instagram)

3. Sometimes You just Find an Actor that is Your Favorite in Everything

Lucifer_favorite(Photo Source: tomellisxx/Instagram)

4. Pierce is the Iceberg that Destroyes the Ship Between Chloe and Lucifer Morningstar 


(Photo Source: deckerstarxm/Instagram)

5. Only in Lucifer, the Devil can Make You Emotional

season5_finale(Photo Source: lucifernetflix_br/Instagram)

6. Morningstar is Just Too Beautiful And He Knows It!


Amenadiel and Lucifer's relationship is Gold! (PhotoSource: Twitter)

7. Morningstar Understands What It's Like Getting Into Owns Mind 

Watching_Lucifer(Photo Source: luciferquotes.us/Instagram)

8. Pierce Is The Mentos To Lucifer's Cola, They Just Don't Go Well Together!

Lucifer_Pierce(Photo Source: lucifer_memess/Instagram)

9. When You Need Emergency Support To Fight Your Guilt

Support_watching_lucifer(Photo Source: Deckerstarxm/Instagram)

10. If Morningstar's Entry To The Precinct Doesn't Make Your Day, I Don't Know What Will!


(Photo Source: morningstarfrases/Instagram)

11. Lucifer In A Nutshell


(Photo Source: lucifer.memes/Instagram)

12. Steal Anything BUT Dan's Pudding! 


(Photo Source: lucifer.memess/Instagram)

13. Lucifer Morningstar Will Take Care Of "Those" People! 


(Photo Source: lucifer_memes_in/Instagram)

14. But It's Worth It, I Promise! 


(Photo Source: lucifer_memes_in/Instagram)

15. No, Lucifer, No!


(Photo Source: lucifer_memes_in/Instagram)

16. Nobody Likes Pierce! I Repeat, Nobody! 


(Photo Source: lucifer.memess/Instagram

17. Drake Agrees Too!


(Photo Source: 9gag)

18. Life In The LAPD! This Is All You Will Hear! 


(Photo Source: 9gag)

19. Lucifans Just Getting A Little More Determined For Seasons 5!


(Photo Source: Twitter)

20. One For The Lucifans Who Saved Lucifer! 


(Photo Source: series.4_life/Instagram)

With this, we come to an end! Thank you for reading.