Very few people in the world, are able to gain success both personally and professionally; Israeli entrepreneur Yaron Versano is among those very few. To sustain a relationship with a beautiful and successful wife for over ten years, and to keep the love alive while doing so, it must take some exceptional qualities.

Yaron Versano is a Dutch-born Israeli business magnate, and husband of the Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot.


Date Night Out with Wife: Yaron Varsano attends Oscars 2018 with his wife Gal Gadot (photo: Yaron's Instagram)

The couple celebrated their ten years of married life this year, and hope to continue their happy journey together for a long time.

1. Yaron Varsano's Wiki-Like-Bio (Age)

Born to Jewish parents on 23 June 1975 in Amsterdam, Yaron Versano spent his childhood in the Netherlands and studied in the International School of Amsterdam. According to the wikis Yaron later went to the United States for his further studies; and graduated from New York Univerisity of Technology in Old Westbury in 2000.

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After finishing his studies Yaron, aged 43, relocated to Israel and took over the Israeli nationality.

2. Yaron Varsano's Inspired Hotel Earns Him Massive Net Worth

For Yaron America was never a dream. He never had the intention of settling down in the 'Land of Dreams,' rather had a dream of making it big in his own country.

Wanting to be an entrepreneur since an early age, Yaron started a real-estate company in Tel Aviv with his brother, Guy Versano, as soon as they moved to Israel. However, it was his later venture in the hotel business that earned him the immense net worth.

Apparently, while he was in California, he came across a fantastic hotel that was built like an apartment complex. The setting provided the guests with homely feeling and thus more relaxation in their hectic life.

Inspired by that idea, Yaron (with his brother) built a similar hotel, the Versano hotel, in Tel Aviv. The hotel was so successful that when they sold it to a Russian businessman a few years later, they got $26 million out of it. Deducing from just the sales of his hotel, it would not be an overstatement to say the Israeli entrepreneur's net worth is in millions. 

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His wife meanwhile, has also amassed quite a fortune for herself and has an estimated net worth of $10 Million.

3. 10 Years of Relationship (and Counting) With His Wife

The couple's relationship is not your stereotypical relationship story where a boy meets a girl and sways her with his wealth. The couple had a mature relationship that came to fore before they were rich and before they were famous.

Before Gal Gadot came to fame, before Yaron gained his wealth, they found each other and ended up deciding to spend their life forever together. With ten years of age-gap, it couldn’t have been easy during the initial days, but their love for each other triumphed the age-difference.

Met in 2006, the couple went on to get married a couple of years later. Their relationship was further strengthened by the birth of their first daughter Alma in 2011. The couple welcomed their second daughter Maya in may 2017 expanding their family to four. 

4. Yaron's Key To Long Married Life: Unwavering Support to His Wife

More than by his own, Yaron is recognized by his wife’s success. Furthermore, since Gal Gadot is an actress in demand, they have to move a lot, to and fro between Tel Aviv and the United States. These facts can easily irk someone enough to break a relationship, as it often happens with the celebrity couples.

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But Yaron is completely different fish in the pond; he had to be to be able to remain married for ten years. An ardent feminist, he supported, even encouraged, Gal Gadot to pursue the fame in Hollywood and not be deterred by anything.

10 Years of Togetherness: Yaron Versano and his wife Gal Gadot celebrate ten years of their relationship (8 years of married life) with a rather intimate pose (Photo: Yaron's Instagram)

It must be Yaron's super-understanding nature, and probably Gal Gadot’s too, that they have shown the exceptional longevity in their marriage.