Social media star Tanya Burr’s body transformation journey has been incredible. 

Her official YouTube channel comprises recordings from as far back as ten years ago, and it is clear to see how she has changed. However, the transition from where she was to where she now appears to be is gradual. The viewers can see the difference between her successive photographs as they go through her Instagram page.

 Anti-Diet Is Secret to Burr’s Weight Loss

Burr received a barrage of questions about her weight loss journey every time she shared a photograph of herself in a bikini. She rarely responded to questions on the subject, but in one instance she revealed how she toned up without dieting. 

A follower asked her if she could share her meal plan and workout routine after she posted a photo of herself looking sun-kissed on vacation. She also added that Burr looked amazing and would like to follow the same regime.


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Burr responded with a rare remark on the subject: she doesn’t have one. She explained she went to Barry's Bootcamp once or twice a week and worked out really hard. 

However, she mentioned she isn’t extremely committed to it and can go three weeks without doing one. The internet personality also said she ate all foods and alcohol, whatever she felt like eating on a particular day.

My secret is not trying to diet anymore and so then it's so much easier and you're not thinking. I can't eat that which just makes you want it more.

Burr also talked about her weight loss in a YouTube video she shared in August 2018. She revealed she wasn't on a rigorous diet in the clip titled, Girls Night, Meetings, and Answering Questions. 


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She stated that the most important thing she wanted to tell people was that she had not been on a diet. The actress claimed she lost weight because of being preoccupied while working on a West End play.

Burr revealed the thing that actually made her lose weight was not trying, not caring, and having a lot of other things to think about and focus on. 

I guess, in May-June time, I was just so busy and I really was not eating super-duper healthy. I love vegetables and tried to eat them, but I was eating burgers and chips, whatever.


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Burr Divorced from Her Husband in 2019

While her fans were praising her for the incredible transformation, Burr shocked the fans with the divorce news from husband Jim Chapman in March 2019. 

The two announced their separation with separate statements on Instagram Stories. In hers, she stated she wanted to let the fans know the couple made the tough decision to separate. 

She further elaborated that the two have a tremendous amount of love and respect for one another and will always be friends. She also thanked them in advance for being considerate of their privacy during the tough time.

The ex-partners dated for 12 years before they got engaged in New York in 2012 and exchanged the vows in September 2015 at Babington House in Somerset.