After addressing topics of racial sensitivity and establishing herself as a promising talent, Rocks star Kosar Ali has her eyes set on becoming a director.

Dreaming Of The Director’s Chair

With only two acting credits to date, the Rocks star wants to take up more acting projects, but she hopes to be a director someday. Ali doesn’t have any category for the stories she would like to tell. Rather, she wants to share whatever inspires her.

The PRU star also finds inspiration in the projects she has done and the shows she watches. She told the NME that she has been focusing on short films for now, writing all the weird ideas that she gets.


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Early Life, Family, and Values

The BAFTA-nominee had a conversation about herself with the NME from her school life, family, friends, and her dreams. 

Ali had an interesting school life. The actress confessed she used to get into fights at the first school she attended. She began enjoying her student life when she moved to a different school.

Ali believes school is the place to do whatever one wants and it is where the true self comes out. 

It was Ali’s friends who made her role in Rocks possible. She used to do musicals and little plays at primary school, but she picked GCSE drama because most of her friends picked it. They talked her into doing the workshop audition for Rocks, even though Ali was not interested. 

Family is everything to the 17-year-old star. She credits her family for keeping her sane and helping her avoid poor decisions. Ali loves her hometown of East London, mostly because of the inclusivity.


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She called her hometown the definition of diverse and wished that someday it would translate on-screen.

I just hope people don’t limit their own creativity because of the way someone looks, or because they’re unsure. A lot of people seem to like to be safe–they don’t try stuff that’s new. But I’m hopeful, I think it’s going to be amazing.

Ali’s hobbies include practicing kickflips, scrolling through TikTok, and watching anime. The BIFA winner is a huge fan of horror movies. Another one of her dreams is to work with Jordan Peele, but her ultimate fantasy is to play the role of Joker. 

Ali On Representation And Race

In the Tea with BAFTA interview, The PRU star talked about representation for black women in movies. She believes a new era is coming where the protagonists in movies will be women of color.

With the new generation entering the entertainment industry, Ali’s hope are high and she is excited.

While talking about newer and younger generations, the actress shared how that there was a weird stigma about them not being interested in political matters.

Speaking about the on-screen stereotyping of black women, Ali opined they are made to feel like they have a hard exterior which may not be true in all cases.

Ali talked about the coming-of-age movie Rocks and said she was tired of seeing Muslim women portrayed as people who are unhappy with their religion.