Alexandra Daddario has a conscious lifestyle and is extremely particular about eating healthy food. Her enviable figure is no doubt a result of all her hard work and a healthy diet.

With time, the Baywatch star has realized it is important is to eat only when hungry. She has a stimulating approach towards leading a healthy life and loves doing things differently. Her body measurements are 35-27-34.

Daddario’s Secret to a Slender Body

The True Detective star’s relaxed approach towards nutrition has worked magic for her to maintain a toned figure. As surprising as it sounds, counting calories is not her jam.

Instead, she eats what she loves eating while famished. Her approach is quite a refreshing one and has worked wonders for her. She is aware that a continuous and long-term approach is crucial to reduce weight and stay in shape. 

Daddario is also not averse to the idea of enjoying a cheat meal. Her love of good food doesn’t come in the way of her fitness, though.

When she was preparing for her role in Baywatch the actress underwent intense training. She hired an excellent trainer to get into shape for the role. 

Few people know Daddario is also into yoga. She does it for her mental and physical well-being. The actress has mentioned in many interviews that yoga has been a great stress buster for her. 

Her sleep has also improved after she started practicing it religiously. She is into hot yoga apart from normal yoga and shares footage of her practice sessions with her Instagram fans. 

Her Figure Has Been A Hot Topic

The actress often turns heads with her stunning figure. In December last year, Daddario created a stir after she was seen enjoying snorkeling in Hawaii in a black bikini. 

The 35-year-old looked ravishing in a skimpy two-piece featuring a skimpy bottom and a top that resembled a sports bra. It was around the time she was shooting The White Lotus.

Daddario’s Lifestyle Amid COVID-19 Lockdown 

The film star did not believe in a serious meditation program to overcome the stress amid the COVID-19 pandemic, neither does she take a completely transformed diet or fitness goals seriously. 

Instead, she followed quarantine-friendly routines to lead a serene life during the lockdown period. The True Detective star followed her routines diligently and shared her efforts with her followers from time to time. 

The actress had mostly been at her Los Angeles home amid the lockdown. Now that TV and film productions are resuming, Daddario has to travel occasionally to shoot for her projects.