TV news anchor Aaron Gilchrist has a handsome build and a charming personality, which begs the question: who is lucky enough to have him? We have all seen his “work wife” Eun Yang, but as pure as their relationship is, it is not a romantic one. The co-anchors have established themselves as a dedicated team who, for almost eight years, worked in unison on the sets of NBC News 4 Today.

There has also been much upheaval about his very prominent ring, which fans speculate could be a wedding ring. You will see that the ring is not the only thing suggesting Gilchrist's marital status — other, more prominent evidence has surfaced. 

Let us look into his relationship with Yang and his general attitude towards marriage, all the while examining the speculations surrounding who the TV presenter is married to.

On Twitter, Aaron Gilchrist Has Always Been Sarcastic Towards Marriage

If you follow the anchor's social media, you probably know that marriage does not seem to sit well with him. On several occasions, he has tweeted complaining about how much people spend on marriage and has thrown a lot of sarcasm regarding marriage.

He said that he never understood how people spend more than $39,000 on a single wedding in one of such tweets. In another tweet from 2015, he sarcastically suggested people get married if they want cheaper car insurance. He even backed it with data, "married 20yo pays 21% less than a single person.”

The Closest Aaron Had To A Life Partner Was His “Work Wife” From TV

If you have seen Aaron on TV, you have undoubtedly seen him with Eun Yang. Both of them anchored News4 Today's #1-morning newscast for the better part of the last decade. Aaron and his co-anchor are a famous team and are very fond of each other. In that regard, Aaron has referred to Yang as his “work wife” in multiple social media posts.

The anchor had recently left NBC Washington to embark on a new journey. As a parting message, he tweeted how he'd always cherish Washington and his family at NBC. Similarly, on Instagram, he posted a series of photos with his co-workers, the latest one being a selfie with the caption "Thanks for the memories!". His "work-wife" commented on the photo, saying, "Don’t forget your favorite co-anchor!!" with a crying emoji.

Fans Have Speculated That Aaron Is Married To Marcellius Banks

In 2019, rumors began to surface that Aaron is married to a man named Marcellius Banks. The speculation stemmed out from two major reasons—his ring and a wedding registry.

His wedding ring on TV is very prominent, and fans have always wondered whether it was a wedding ring or not. In late 2019, a wedding registry in his name was found that very much proved he was married. The registry 'The Knot' showed that he was wed to Marcellius Banks on October 12, 2019. After that discovery, people started to be fairly convinced that Aaron is, in fact, married.

Aaron Confirmed That He Is Married, But Has Not Revealed His Partner

While the wedding registry was a pretty clear signal that the anchor was married, it remains unverified.

However, in an October 18, 2019 post, Aaron replied to a comment asking him if he was married, saying: “last weekend.” The weekend before that post happened to be October 12, the date from the wedding registry. It became pretty clear then that Aaron was, in fact, married on that date. However, Aaron still hasn't made an official announcement as such of his marriage and sexuality.