Poet and Illustrator Rupi Kaur gained traction after her first book, Milk and Honey, received widespread popularity.

Her self-drawn depictions, along with short poems of sexual trauma, relationships, and sentiments of immigrants, were appreciated by many people. The book was also on the list of New York Times Best Sellers for over a year. 

Similarly, her second book, The Sun and Her Flowers, and her third book, Home Body, also made it to the New York Times Best Seller list.

Following up on the massive success of her books, on April 30, Kaur is releasing her first-ever taped show. Releasing on the last day of National Poetry Month, the poet would be reciting her poems along with some stories of her work. 


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Rupi Kaur Live

The anticipated hour-long poetry special was filmed in early 2020 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, where she had performed poetry from her all three best seller books. 

Directed by Liz Patrick and produced by Kimmie Kim, the pre-recorded show will explore the topics of heartbreak, love, self-love, trauma, healing, immigration, empowerment, feminism, and sexuality with her experience of dealing with it. 

Premiering worldwide, the show will be presented by independent global entertainment company Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU). 

A blend of spoken words, poetry, humor, music with captivating visuals, the show will feature Kaur’s performance of her illustrative work and the backstory behind it.  

trailer for the poetry special was previously released on her YouTube channel. It showcases Kaur engaging the audience through the theatrical performance of her poetry and her journey.

Kaur has also shared some more snippets of her show on her Instagram.

Backstory Behind Rupi Kaur Live

The poet shared the backstory behind her live show on her website

Kaur was just in high school when she performed her first poem. She had written the poem hoping to save herself since she wasn’t doing well back then.

She went to an open mic session and recited her poetry to 30 people. That was when she felt worthy and hence continued doing so at any chance she got. 


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Kaur felt the most alive when she was on the stage performing. She was on tour nonstop for the last few years; however, there was a small catch - she wasn’t able to tour as well as write books at the same time. 

As she wanted to do both, she had to find a solution when she came up with the idea of filming herself for the big screen. This way, she could do her work, and her fans could watch her from anywhere across the globe. The poet made her idea into a reality with Rupi Kaur Live.

She pre-recorded the show for her fans and considered the process as 'most creative and invigorating experiences.'

Kaur and her team filmed the entire thing in two days and sent it to every streaming network in the USA. Everyone rejected the show as they believed that her show would not fit on their platform. 


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This setback didn’t extinguish the flame in Kaur since this was not the first time she had been rejected. As she had done with Milk and Honey, she decided to release Rupi Kaur Live herself on her own platform. 

And she did. She is releasing an hour-long show on rupikaur.veeps.com on April 30, 2021, at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET. The viewers can purchase the ticket from her website from anywhere around the world since the show is available worldwide till May 2.