The Zimbabwean-American actor Rick Cosnett, popularly known for his roles in The Vampire Diaries and The Flash, opened up his sexuality through an Instagram Video posted in February 2020. Since then, Cosnett has extended his support to the LGBTQ+ Community through participating in campaigns.

IGTV Video - Just Me

It has been a year since the actor had publicly come out of the closet and talked about it to his social media followers. Cosnett uploaded a minute-long video on Instagram titled ‘Just Me’ on February 14, 2020, where he revealed being gay. In one year, the video has been viewed over 100,000 times with almost 3000 comments.

After greeting the audience, Cosnett directly jumped in and said that “I’m gay.” In the video, the TVD also actor said that he shared the video as a part of a promise to himself to live his truth every day. 

“I made a promise to live my truth every day.”

The artist further explained that it was tough for him to do as he had subconscious things that he didn’t know about from childhood and society.

“Sometimes that is a really hard thing to do when you have all these subconscious things that you don’t really know about from childhood and society.”

In the end, he said that most of you knew it anyway, so he wanted to put it out there.


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Looking at the comments section, many of the social media users had a positive and supportive response. One comment read, “What you said is amazing, you are really brave. So proud of you ❤️.” Another user commented, “Blessings. You are a whole, loving, and smart person. Your value does not change because of what others think. Be happy.”

The recent comments congratulated him as an anniversary for bravely opening up about his sexuality. One individual wrote," Happy one-year anniversary of coming out."

Collaboration with Wear Your Voice and PFLAG

Months after coming out of the closet, The Flash actor announced through an Instagram video in June 2020 that he has joined the Wear Your Voice and PFLAG team for the campaign #YouAreMyPride. Wear Your Voice is a digital feminist magazine for and by LGBTQIA+BIPOC (Black Indigenous and People of Color), whereas PFLAG is the largest LGBTQ community organization.

The video featured several LGBTQ+ Community leaders and allied and families, parents, and caretakers. The participants gave a social message of love, acceptance, discrimination, and injustice. Each one of them called their loved ones their “pride” for respective reasons. 


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The campaign aimed to communicate to people and show them how their community is loved and how proud they are of their BIPOC LGBTQ+ Family.

In the post, he wrote he wants to celebrate his parents for embracing him and accepting his preference and called them his pride. 

The actor also appealed to the friends, families, and loved ones of LGBTQ+ Communities to participate in the campaign by sharing their pride across the social media platforms using the #YouAreMyPride. 

Cosnett Played a Gay Role

The actor also aced the role of an open gay in the TV Series Quantico, making people question his sexual preference.

 One of the February 2020 Reddit discussions also showed that people have been speculating that Corbett was gay even before he revealed it. 

 As one of the Reddit comments read, “TBH I always kind of wondered. He played gay really well in Quantico (not that a straight actor couldn’t, of course), and even some of his interactions with Barry made me wonder.” Another user commented, “I actually added that he was gay in real life because of that role.”

While some users suspected it from a long time back, some users were surprised about his revelation. A user commented, “Wow, that’s unexpected, hurray for him.”