Who says you cannot find the love of your life in your teens? “The Storage Wars” star Ursula Stolf is married to her high school sweetheart, and there is no sign of them getting apart anytime soon.

Getting raised by a single mother, and spending most of the childhood days with the fear of her violent father, Ursula Stolf has been through it all. Moreover, seeing her mother struggling in low paying jobs due to limited education, she took a goal to improve her knowledge, and today she is one of the most educated actresses among her fellow friends.

Ursula Stolf’s Bio (Age)

The TV actress Ursula celebrates her birthday every 1st of September and stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches. She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she grew up as the second youngest of her parent’s four daughters.

Birthday With Family: 7 years old Ursula, celebrating her birthday along with her family (Picture: Ursula's Instagram)

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She got her first Bachelor’s degree in Education from Niagara College. And a degree in Sociology at York University became her second one. 

Growing up, she developed an interest in riding bikes which led her to become a biker chic and a fitness freak.

Ursula lost her father many years ago. Her only parent was her mother Yamara who was suffering from Alzheimer for many years. Later on, in 2017, the disease took her mother's life.

Ursula was very close to her mother, and this incident devastated her, but she had the back of her two sisters there to comfort her. 

How Much Is Ursula Stolf's Net Worth?

Ursula has made a place for herself as a full-time actress, working on various TV shows.

We all know that Ursula makes most of her fortune from her acting career. But, she also owns a store in Toronto called Ursula's Locker Loot, which is her another source of income.

Joining the income that Ursula has made through her career in the entertainment industry and her store, her total net worth is calculated to be around $60,000, which she enjoys with her husband.

Ursula Stolf & Her Husband's Love Shows Teen Love Works

The Canadian actress met the man of her life, Mike back in the school days. When both never thought of falling in love with each other because of their different career choices, destiny pulled them together. With the passing time, the care and support she was getting from him made her believe that he is the one for her.

Taking their relationship to the next level, Ursula and Mike exchanged marital vows as husband and wife, somewhere in their mid 20’s. Since then, they have been living together. 

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Husband: Ursula wishes Happy Valentine's Day to her husband Mike in 2018 (Picture: Ursula's Instagram)

However, the one thing that lacks in their married life is children. But worry not! It has not hampered their relationship as the bond between them has grown even stronger over the years.