In February 2021, Star Trek: Next Generation actress Marina Sirtis steered controversy over her tweets about Texans. Now, the actress has said her final goodbye to America.

On February 19, 2021, Sirtis came under fire after she expressed her opinion about the rough times Texans have been going through in a tweet. In her opinion, their voting choice is to blame for the chaos.  

Texans faced a brutal winter storm, coldest temperatures, and massive power rages.

The netizens were furious over the actress' insensitive tweet. They took to Twitter to express their disappointment with many asking Sirtis to apologize. However, the actress defended herself in her follow-up tweets. 

In one of the tweets, the actress opined people are suffering because of politicians and the lack of action plans by the government rather than her words. 

The English-American actress made headlines again after declaring she is waving goodbye to America in a March 1 tweet.

Sirtis shared a masked photo of herself she clicked inside an airplane. "Goodbye America," she wrote. 

In a tweet she shared on January 20, 2021, the actress announced she was leaving because her work is more UK-based.