The chemistry between Diego Tinoco and his co-star Sierra Capri's characters on the TV series, On My Block, sparked rumors of them dating in real life. However, the reality is far away from the on-screen drama.

From what Tinoco says, he is probably single as he is fully focused on his professional career.

Tinoco Refers Capri as "Best Scene Partner"

The Hollywood heartthrob garnered huge attention when he first appeared in the supernatural hit series Teen Wolf in Season 6. However, his breakthrough was from Cesar Diaz's role in the Spanish Netflix series On My Block.

In the series, his love interest is Monse—the character played by Sierra Capri. The chemistry between the characters is so strong that fans speculated if they are dating in real life.

Unfortunately, the pair isn't a real-life couple. But they do have a lot of respect and love for each other as friends. In an interview with the Teen Vogue, Tinoco said Capri was the best screen partner he could ever ask for. He maintained that working with her helped him be comfortable in front of the camera. 

Sierra is such a great actress. Working with her, instantly we can just jump into it. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better scene partner. Especially for my first TV show, having a girlfriend. I couldn't have asked for a better screen lover.

Interestingly, the feeling is mutual. The actress affirmed that they grew professionally together. 

I can honestly say the same. I feel like we've grown together.


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Tinoco and his co-star both were heartbroken when their characters went separate paths in the second season of the series. The actor stated that he would want Cesar and Monse to have a happy ending, Notebook Style.

 I think I would love to see them together forever, happily ever after, Notebook style.

Reciprocating the feeling, the actress also shared similar views. She stated that she would love to see their characters get married.

I'd love when they get older to see them married with kids, and both going down good paths.

He is Focusing on Building his Career

Amidst all the rumors of him dating his co-star, the California native appears to be single as of now.

By his statement, he is just getting started with his acting commitment. So the talented actor plans on staying away from relationships to focus on his emerging career in Hollywood. He intends to spend time with his family and friends.

Nevertheless, in an interview with the Seventeen, he revealed that his celebrity crush was actress Ana De Armas. He stated that he would love to work with her someday. While De Armas is the Netflix star's current crush, he also shared about having his first crush on Ariana Grande.

Tinoco's First Movie Is Set To Release in 2021

Tinoco is devoting his time to his career right now. He has signed his first movie, R♥️J.

The movie is a modern-day adaptation of the Shakespeare evergreen classic Romeo and Juliet. It is directed by Carey Williams and produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Igor Today.

The On My Block actor shared his excitement about the movie via an Instagram post in December 2020. He shared a series of pictures from the movie and captioned it, "World premiere of my first film launches at the USA's largest film festival! Sundance 2021, baby! #r♥️j."


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