For American reality star, Kate Chastain life revolves amidst the sea and the deck. Traveling in the sea, she not only found her passion but also her love on deck. However, love is not limited to only one gender for her.

The Florida native is best known for her role as the Chief Stewardess in the Bravo's TV series Below Deck. She embarked her career in the series from season 2 of the show in 2014 alongside yacht’s chef Benjamin Robinson.

Below Deck: Latest episode of Below Deck, where Kate confesses of being unhappy with the crew (Published on Oct 10, 2018)

She is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book in Humor Category Lucky Charming (2016). She also opened a non-profit upscale resale store Genesis Boutique in 2017, whose profit goes to the homeless children and Women.

Kate Chastain’s Bio and Age

American national, Kate Chastain was born on January 2, 1983, in the state of Sacramento, California. She is a daughter to the rockstar musician father Michael Monastery and mother Jerri Renee Hastey. She has four siblings, two sisters, and two brothers.

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Chastain belonged to a middle-class family. She was a student of El Camino Fundamental High School in Sacramento but left the school without graduating. After being unable to progress in her studies she chose yachting as her career. She started her career as a laundry stewardess in 2007 at the age of 24.

Below Deck: Place Where Kate Chastain Found Her Passion & Boyfriend

Nothing is as special and rewarding as finding something you’re passionate about in life.

After failing school, Kate explored the world of sea and fell in love with the exotic industry. The yachting industry helped her recognize her passion and since 2007 she has been actively working in the sea.

Her passion and hard work not only landed her a promotion from laundry stewardess to chief stewardess but also a part in reality show Below Deck.

After joining the show in 2014, Below Deck became a huge part of her life, and also the reason behind her stardom. She has not only been able to pursue her passion through it but also found the once love of her life.

Below Deck Couple: Ben shares an intimate picture with Kate to his fans  (Photo: Benjamin Robinson's Instagram)

Kate met Benjamin Robinson during the second season of Below Deck when the two joined the show as a chef and chief steward. Despite their relationship on-screen was choppy, they did spark a real fling off-screen.

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But the romance was very short-lived. Things went awkwardly between them on the show after the break-up. So much so, that Ben has taken a break from the show because of the bad blood between him and Kate. 

Is Kate Chastain Lesbian? Dated Girlfriend After Benjamin

After suffering heartbreak with Ben, the reality star had a complete change in her choice of partner. Not just in terms of professionality, but also in terms of sex. Instead of searching for a boyfriend, she was more invested in finding a girlfriend for herself. 

If you believed her relationship drama in Below Deck astonishing then her change of preferance was more mystifying. The show not only brought on display various aspects of Kate’s personal life it also brought her's shocking revelation of her sexuality.

She met her girlfriend-to-be, openly bisexual-Rocio Hernandez in Below Deck. Hernandez had come onboard to have some fun in the sun with the crew but left with a girlfriend.

Lesbian Romance: Kate and Rocio happy together during their hay-days in 2016 (Photo: Bravo)

Rocio, popularly known as Ro-- a pro-athlete and soccer player, and Kate continued having their romance even after the show's wraps. Both the couple were happy to meet each other and were very open about their same-sex relationship. Describing their romantic union Kate said in 2016,

'She's amazing. I never, ever imagined myself dating a girl. I never was attracted to girls. So I'm a little caught off guard, but she's just a really special person

After meeting in the show, both the couple moved in together in March 2016. Previously, Kate had even announced their relationship on social media after she posted a photo kissing her girlfriend claiming that she was not gay/lesbian but she had a girlfriend in December 2015. 

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But nothing lasts forever, neither did their love. Their relationship ended in a short-period time over a month.

Kate Chastain Arrested After Biting Her Girlfriend Ro In 2016

The relationship between the lesbian couple not only ended in a short-period time but also in a very tumultuous manner.

Kate's love and PDA filled journey with Ro came to an end in June 2016 after she was charged with battery by strangulation and domestic violence charges by Melbourne Beach officers. The Police had acted on complaints from her girlfriend of the aforementioned charges. Moreover, Ro also claimed to have been bitten Kate in different parts of her body and even tried to strangle her. Who does that?

Arrested: Kate's mugshot after being arrested for domestic violence in 2016 in relation to her girlfriend's complaints (Photo:

The shocking part was that was not the first time the incident had happened. As shocking revelations turned out one after another, there were claims that the gorgeous but not so lovely, Kate had been violent to her girlfriend in the past too.

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She was later released after posting the $5,000 bond in court.

Bisexual Kate Chastain Reveals She Is Into Men Again

After, being released from the Kate seemed to have come out a changed woman. 

In June 2016, after being released by the authorities, she tweeted thanks to her fans and also claimed that she was looking forward to spending a peaceful life. Furthermore, her time behind the bars seemed to have changed her dating preferance again. 

A year after being released from prison, she found another love again at Below Deck, this time with a Swedish sailor named Morton. And the lady with a history of complicated relationships had only good things about the sailor to say. Singing praises of the sailor she dubbed 'Hot Jesus' she described the encounter as;

It was like a gift from Heaven; he just showed up out of nowhere. He was cute, he was smart

She even mentioned about him in her Twitter.

HOT JESUS: Kate tweets about the Swedish sailor Morton she met on the series Below Deck (Photo: Kate Chastain's Twitter)

She, however, was coy about if she would meet with her Hot Jesus on the lands after the completion of the series' filming. For someone who has had a variety of partners from a billionaire, a lacrosse player, a female soccer player, a pro surfer, she finally seemed to have settled down with Jesus. 

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Well, thats what Gods are capable of -- doing what mere mortals can't. In Kate's case, being the partner she wants.

Stay updated with us for more interesting happenings in Kate's life Below The Deck!