American actress Crystal Bernard looks as graceful now as she did during her hay days in the Hollywood--where she stole the heart of millions thanks to her pretty blonde locks and the killer smile. She attracted quite a bunch of men among her as reflected by her rich dating history.

Like her beauty, the big question about her whether that be in her prime in the 80s and 90s or now has also remained the same: Is she married?

The Texas native is an American songwriter, singer, and actor--best known as Helen Chappell for the NBC sitcom Wings. Moreover, her other famous movies include Young Doctors in Love, Slumber, Grave Misconduct, Party Massacre II and Welcome to Paradise.

Song From Studio Album: Crystal Bernard's song from her album Don't Touch Me There (Published On 10th January 2010)

She was also a staple in the TV Screens appearing in many popular TV series viz. Happy Days, The Love Boat, and Meet the Santas.

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In addition to acting, she also had a brilliant voice and released two studio albums The Girl Next Door(1996) and Don’t Touch Me There (1999) and has written songs for singers like Tracie Spencer and Lisa Stansfield.

Crystal Bernard Wanted To Be Singer From Young Age

American national Crystal Lynn Bernard was born on September 30, 1961, in Garland, Texas as the daughter of Dr.Jerry Wayne Bernard and Gaylon Fussell.

She did her schooling from  Bammel Middle School and later attended Spring High School. She studied international relations and acting in Baylor University and later joined Alley Theatre to study acting further.

From a young age she wanted to be a singer/songwriter, but later she discovered her passion for acting too. And she was good at whatever she did whether that be acting and singing.

Remaining in the showbiz for more than 25 years, she gave numerous brilliant performances in Hollywood. She retired from her career in 2008 stating that she had accumulated everything she had aspired to be.

From her career lasting more than two decades, she has also collected a net worth of 5 million dollars which surely will suffice her lifestyle now that she has taken a leave from movie scene for good.

Crystal Bernard Doesn't Believe In Getting Married

Crystal comes from a Christian Family with Southern Baptist background. And any devout Christian believes married to be a sacred thing.

However, it’s the opposite when it comes to her, as she doesn’t seem to have belief in the sacrament of marriage. She has been involved in multiple affairs without being tied to any marital relationships.

One of her early relationships was with Michael Shipley, but it didn’t last long.

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After Shipley, she was involved in a serious relationship with actor and producer Tony Thomas. Despite dating for a long time, their relationship didn’t proceed anywhere near marriage. In fact, the producer is now married to another woman named Ann Souder, while Crystal's relationship status has been more muddled.

Ex-Boyfriend: Crystal Bernard and Tony Thomas pose for a picture in the 90s (Photo: Pinterest)

Her name since her parting with producer boyfriend has been associated with radio personality Rush Limbaugh and her ‘A Face to Kill For’ co-star Billy Dean, claims which has neither been denied nor accepted by Crystal. Her relationship status was a much talked about subject during her Hollywood stay and even continues to attract column inches now. 

Is Crystal Bernard Enjoying Retirement With Husband Now?

Ever since her retirement from the showbiz in 2008, Crystal has maintained a low profile, choosing to hide from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and hiding away from the reporter's mike. Still, she has not been able to keep her away from the news as speculations about her husband continue to hot up the industry. 

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She was said to be secretly married to Peter Cetera--who had performed a duet with her in 1995. However, the rumor has not been confirmed as of yet.

Married Or Not: Crystal Bernard poses with Peter Cetera in an album cover (Photo: Discogs) 

With the news hanging in the air in need of confirmation, it can be argued that Crystal could still be single and enjoying her retirement. It just could be that she is a believer of the notion of not needing a life partner, and all these rumors are just a mere stone's throw in the wind lacking both conviction and evidences.